An updated take on the old-school Dan Armstrong Blue Clipper circuit. The Classic Clipper is a slightly fuzz flavored distortion. My friend Chris Corry (Magic Circle, Mind Eraser, etc) initially asked if I could make a pedal version of the Blue Clipper with more volume and treble available. The original unit had no controls that the user could adjust. Clipping options were also added to further expand the circuit to allow more dynamic options and even more volume. The Blue Clipper is often referred to as the predecessor to the MXR Distortion+ and DOD 250 and is indeed a very similar design. Those who have wished for more versatile versions of those pedals might find what they're looking for in the Classic Clipper as well.

From a relatively clean drive to a slight fuzz. To match the original circuit set around 3 oclock or higher.

The original circuit was very dark, and can be matched around 9 oclock on the Treble knob. This is nice for some 70s inspired rock or heavier doom sounds. For a more modern feel, lift the blanket off the circuit and find what works well in your rig.

Symmetrical Silicon is the original flavor here. Asymmetrical Silicon allows for the same sonic distortion characteristics, but with a more dynamic feel and less of a hard fuzzy edge. The LED setting provides a lot more output volume and less distortion, great for driving your amp into overload.


Standard 'Boss-style' 9V DC Power with a Center Negative tip.
Do not exceed 9V.
No option for battery power.