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Busy preparing the Full Of Hell pedal release, but these will be available again soon, thanks!

The Generator series are creative sonic tools.

Call me crazy, but I've always wanted some simple sound generating / noise making devices that could exist easily among other pedals for guitar/bass/keyboard/etc players. There are many builds of similar devices for tabletop or eurorack use, but many are in more fragile enclosures and would require a/b pedals or other routing to work in a guitar set up - all of which takes up more space, adds to the expense, and simply isn't that practical.

When engaged the input signal is muted and the Generator pedal takes over. When disengaged the Generator pedal is true bypass and has no effect on your tone.


Five Oscillators - Identical Frequency Ranges with Independent Volume and Frequency Controls - ideal for creating chords, or setting to the same (or close) pitches and exploring beat frequencies, phaser-ish sounds, etc.

Drone Master Volume - Find the perfect output level for your fine tuned drone.

Filter - Resonant Low Pass Filter for the Drone - create and emphasize interesting textures, or just clear up the high end for your guitar, etc to shine through clearer. This does not effect the input signal.

Input Level - Your un-effected input signal can pass through, and be boosted if need be by the INPUT knob on Generator 8. Turn all the way down for no input signal.

There are plenty of multi-oscillator drone boxes out there, but let's face it, high frequencies tend to feel a lot louder than low frequencies. Not to mention it's cool to just subtly tuck in notes, as opposed to have them all at maximum volume. And it's quite nice to set the oscillator frequencies to sound good together and then find different shades and colors simply by adjusting their respective volumes. Lots of droning fun to be had.

Generator 8 can be much louder than a guitar or bass. Proceed with caution!


When Generator 8 is initially connected to a 9V power supply there is a 5 - 10 second warm up period during which the drones will produce no sound or very faint sounds as the circuit stabilizes. This occurs whether or not the pedal is turned on or off by the foot switch during this time.

After this initial warm up time, the foot switch will work as expected and Generator 8 will immediately start or stop making sound as the pedal is turned on and off.

Generator 8 will not need another 5 - 10 second warm up period until the pedal is disconnected from the 9V power supply.


Oscillators are inherently loud electronic circuits that are prone to having their signal bleed into other signals unwantedly, even when bypassed or their volume has been reduced. Generator 8 has been carefully engineered to ensure that when the pedal is off, there is never any oscillator bleed into your bypassed signal.

When in use with higher gain amplification, and/or with high oscillator frequencies, you may encounter a slight signal bleed from an oscillator which has its volume knob turned all the way down. One simple technique to greatly minimize this occurrence is to have any unused oscillators set to a low frequency. Another potentially useful technique is to raise the volumes of the independent oscillators in use and lower the master drone volume.

Standard 'Boss-style' 9V DC Power with a Center Negative tip.
Initial current draw during power up is 20mA - 25mA, then settles around 17mA.
Do not exceed 9V.
No option for battery power.


Instagram Reel

Instagram Reel

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