Please Note This Pedal Has a 1 - 2 Week Build Time

The WEM Project V is an extremely obscure eight transistor fuzz with a cult status for being the fuzz used by Brian Eno and Robert Fripp on Here Come The Warm Jets. Its only tonal controls came via two switches and two internal bias trim pots that Eno infamously adjusted to taste.

The Dead Air Projekt V is a recreation of the original circuit with the Bias controls moved for external control, and a modified version of the original tone control that reaches all 4 of the old school toggle switch possibilities and much more. The Projekt V is a wild ride. It can hiss and crumble, and sound on the edge of collapse, or recreate the devastation of a full bodied amp with everything on 10. And yes, it can do the Fripp lead sound of virtually infinite sustain as well!

Controls the amount of fuzz in the circuit.

A unique modification of the original unit's switches, this knob has a wide and interesting sweep. All the way down is full bodied, sweeping up to around 11 o'clock will scoop the midrange, and above 3 o'clock becomes a focused treble assault. Due to the nature of the circuit, the TONE control does affect the output volume as well. All the way down has the highest output, and the output gradually diminishes as the tone control is raised.

Sets the overall output level.

Suggested starting point: 1 o'clock. Below 9 o'clock this control will starve the circuit of enough power that it will no longer produce any sound. For those seeking interesting textures and crumbling fuzz sounds, settings around the threshold of where this occurs will be of particular interest. Adjust to taste!

Suggested starting point: 1 o'clock. Depending on other settings, this control will start to create gated fuzz sounds when positioned around 3 o'clock or higher. Below 3 o'clock the hissy and occasionally spitty nature of this fuzz lives. Adjust to taste!

Standard 'Boss-style' 9-18V DC Power with a Center Negative tip
Note that the original WEM Project V did operate at 18V. Projekt V sounds great anywhere between 9-18V and it is worth experimenting to see what voltage you prefer.
Do Not Exceed 18V.
The current draw is 12 mA or lower, depending on Bias settings.
No option for battery power.

Pedals are built to order and may take up to 1 to 2 weeks to ship depending on current order volume. Tracking information will be emailed when your order ships.

All international orders are not my responsibility once they are accepted by the US Postal Service. If there are issues I will attempt to resolve them, but I cannot be held accountable for issues with foreign services, customs, duties, or deliveries that are beyond my control. That said there have been very few issues, so I am happy to offer this option, please just be aware and responsible in tracking and collecting your shipments, etc. Any additional fees or duties charged by the destination country are also beyond my control. Thank you for understanding.