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More Info And Wiring Layout Coming Soon.

Based on a modified Jordan Bosstone design. This is a classic fuzz that can also work as a raunchy overdrive. The starve knobs brings in some octave down glitchyness as well as some tonal control.

Full Kits with all parts and enclosures included will be available soon.

Please make sure to select if you want the optional Foot Switch PCB.

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[ Basic Bill Of Materials & Build Guide ]

[ Parts Organizing Sheet - Print Out And Prep Your Build ]

[ Schematic ]

[ DIY Drill Guide - 1590BB2 / 1590BBS ]

This has been designed for the easier to use 1.49" tall 1590BB2 / 1590BBS enclosure. You may be able to adapt the layout to a shorter 1.29" 1590BB but it might be tricky.

[ Tayda Drill Template - LED sized at 6.2mm ]

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