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Two versatile and insane oscillators with independent controls for Frequency, Rate, Depth, and Shape.

The second oscillator's Intensity control fine tunes its volume and interaction with the first Oscillator.

Starve Control limits both oscillators of incoming voltage. When using the Expression Jack, the Starve Knob continues to function as a maximum voltage setting.

Expression Jack Starve Control allows further control of the Starve feature via expression pedal, or optional Light Sensitive Expression Control.

Input Mix Control blends in the input signal with the oscillators before the pedals gain stage, creating unique interactions between the input signal and oscillators.

Gain Control has an extreme range for total signal annihilation.

Level Control sets final output volume with plenty of volume on tap.

The Expression Jack controls starve voltage - The jack carries 9V power and should be used with caution. Connecting a cable from this jack to other gear could cause damage. User is responsible for any damage. If you're not expecting to use the Expression Jack - Consider placing tape over it to reduce the chance of misuse.

Light Sensitive Expression Controller

Light Sensitive Expression Controller includes necessary TRS (stereo) 1/4" cable. Cable will be a random color.

Additional Light Sensitive Expression Controllers may be available at a later date if there is demand. If you wish to purchase one when available, please email [email protected]

I make no guarantees of the outcome of using this in this device in the expression jack of other pedals. It will do no hard, but no promises of what it will do.

Expression Pedal Usage Note:

This pedal has been tested and works well with:
Dunlop DVP4 Volume (X) Mini Pedal [ this is my favorite ]
Boss EV-5
Hotone Soul Press

The Moog EP-3 has a greater sweep and thus gets "too starved" in my opinion. It works ok, but it's not ideal. It would be possible to build a small adapter that improves its range to have a better sweep. If you are interested in such an adaptor please email [email protected]

The Full Of Hell pedal can be much louder than a guitar or bass. Proceed with caution!

Standard 'Boss-style' 9V DC Power with a Center Negative tip.
Do not exceed 9V.
No option for battery power.


All international orders are not my responsibility once they are accepted by the US Postal Service. If there are issues I will attempt to resolve them, but I cannot be held accountable for issues with foreign services, customs, duties, or deliveries that are beyond my control. That said there have been very few issues, so I am happy to offer this option, please just be aware and responsible in tracking and collecting your shipments, etc. Thank you for understanding.

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