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The Generator series are creative sonic tools.

Call me crazy, but I've always wanted some simple sound generating / noise making devices that could exist easily among other pedals for guitar/bass/keyboard/etc players. There are many builds of similar devices for tabletop or eurorack use, but many are in more fragile enclosures and would require a/b pedals or other routing to work in a guitar set up - all of which takes up more space, adds to the expense, and simply isn't that practical.

When engaged the input signal is muted and the Generator pedal takes over. When disengaged the Generator pedal is true bypass and has no effect on your tone.


A pedal-board-friendly take on the Atari Punk Console.

I was surprised when I couldn't find a guitar pedal version of this much loved circuit. Droning low notes, melodic lines with synth textures, theremin-esque sweeping high pitches. All with notes clear enough to be read by a tuner and easy to fine tune. There's also some weird glitchy sounds too!

Generator 1 can be significantly louder than a guitar or bass. Proceed with caution!


Standard 'Boss-style' 9V DC Power with a Center Negative tip.
Do not exceed 9V.
No option for battery power.

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