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The Tube Nightmare is an enhanced version of a classic screaming circuit. Three additional controls have been added for ultimate flexibility. Too much control? It could be your overdrive nightmare…. but considering that many boutique versions of this circuit simply add more bass or brightness, or alter the clipping to fixed amounts, the Tube Nightmare gives you the final say to set to your rig as needed.

The bottom row of knobs (CLIP, BASS, BRIGHT) are all at their "stock" settings when turned all the way down.

This control is a new way to approach diode clipping (distortion) and may take a little exploration to get familiar with its feel.

All the way down is the standard screaming clipping. This setting has the most distortion and the lowest output volume.

All the way up removes the clipping diodes and is the most clean with the highest output volume.

Everywhere else on the knob path is a shade in between. Depending on your amp and other effects this may feel somewhat like a clean blend, or like an adjustable amount of dynamic range / headroom. If running into an overdriven amp you might think of turning the CLIP knob up as choosing to push the amp harder, and turning it down as choosing to work the pedal more.

Because the CLIP knob affects the amount of overdrive and output volume, you will most likely want to consider the relative DRIVE and LEVEL controls when dialing in CLIP settings.

A pre-drive bass emphasis. As such, this adds some gain as well as low-end into the signal.

A post-drive presence control. Turn it down for less harshness, or turn it up for more pick attack and chime.

Controls the amount of overdrive, with a wider sweep than traditionally found in this circuit - The Tube Nightmare gets both cleaner and gainier than a stock screamer at either end of the knob turn.

Standard mid-forward screamer tone control.

Controls output volume.

Standard 'Boss-style' 9v DC Power with a Center Negative tip
9-18V Power OK.
Higher voltages (not exceeding 18V) will provide more headroom which may or may not be preferred.
The current draw is 5 mA.
No option for battery power.

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