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The FERAL and FERAL+ pedals are the end result of years of loving the Rat circuit and searching for the sounds and flexibility that I imagined were possible, but could never find.

I wanted more low end and weight, especially when dialing the Distortion knob below noon. I wanted more control over the gain, and where it transforms from overdrive, to distortion, to fuzz, typically within very small moves on the dial. It was also imperative to me that while trying to expand upon the original design that I not lose any of its defining characteristics.

FERAL+ is the ultra flexible, mad scientist version that checked everything off my list and more.

FERAL was then created upon realizing that the vast majority of what I wanted to attain could be reached with a reduced set of controls (including one internal control). For those who aren’t Rat freaks or mad scientists this removes the dangers of option paralysis while still delivering the goods.

While this knob primarily functions to increase the amount of gain, it is important to be aware that lower settings are inherently brighter, and that the tone gets darker and fuller as the DISTORTION knob is turned up. This tonal interaction is part of what makes the circuit great, but also means that while adding or reducing gain, you may wish to compensate for these tonal changes with the other controls.

To the uninitiated, this knob can potentially seem backwards when compared to the classic tone knobs you may be used to. My suggestion is to think of it as a “High Cut” knob - start with the knob all the way down, and then determine how much high end you want to cut out.

Final output volume. This will vary greatly with different clipping settings.

The BASS knob is actually a bass boost, which occurs pre-distortion and therefor adds both gain and low end. With the knob all the way down you have the traditional Rat low-end, which should be considered it’s flat or neutral location. Turning the knob up increases the bass going into the circuit, adding weight and fullness. Because this boost is pre-distortion, the BASS and DISTORTION knobs are interactive. At lower DISTORTION settings you may wish to have the BASS set higher. And to anyone who might be curious, this is not the Ruetz or other pre-existing mod.

Changing the clipping style gives control over how quickly the distortion sets in, as well as how much distortion and output volume are available.
- SILICON is the classic, vintage setting, and has the most distortion with the lowest output volume.
- LED is the Turbo setting, with decreased distortion, added clarity, and greater output volume.
- OP AMP is the cleanest setting with it’s own unique overdrive feel and lots of volume on tap.

FERAL allows you to have greater control dialing in distortion by way of an internal Gain Range trim pot. Most people who play this circuit rarely (or never) set the Distortion knob above 1 or 2 o'clock. The trim pot functions in such a way as to make the entire range of the DISTORTION knob within this most desirable range. It is set such that with the DISTORTION knob all the way up, it provides the amount of gain that would be at about 1 to 2 o'clock on the original circuit, therefor making it easier to fine tune any lower settings. This can be user adjusted as needed and the full gain range can still be attained by turning the trimmer all the way up. The default setting when built is about 9 o'clock (though it's actually carefully measured when built). If you feel more gain is needed, I would suggest trying the trimmer between 10 and 12 o'clock before turning it all the way up. On the other hand, if you wish to have a lower gain pedal, you can experiment with lower trim pot settings, below 9 o'clock.

LM308 chip included and socketed.

Standard 'Boss-style' 9v DC Power with a Center Negative tip
9-18V Power OK.
Higher voltages (not exceeding 18V) will provide more headroom which may or may not be preferred.
No option for battery power.


Feral Quick Guitar Demo

Feral+ Quick Gain and Tonal Guitar Demo

Feral Quick Bass Demo

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