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Intentions is a flexible medium gain overdrive with two channels that allow for a wide range of applications and dynamic response. Based on a circuit beloved for 'tube feel' and harnessing the sound of a cranked amp - this fresh approach with expanded options and dual channels unleashes this classic circuit into new explosive dimensions.
Handmade in Western Massachusetts.

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Channel 1 and Channel 2 may be used individually or simultaneously.

Both channels feature the identical overdrive circuit with a gain knob and a clipping mode toggle switch. The second channel includes an output volume knob to keep things in check if need be. The depth toggle switch is universal and affects both channels.

1 - MODE 1 (Toggle Right)
Mode 1 has the most overdrive that sets in quickly giving it also the lowest output volume. It has a dynamic response that adds a depth to your playing that many stiffer overdrives tend to lack. Push Mode 1 when you want more feel, and take it to the edge of sag and compression.

2 - MODE 2 (Toggle Left)
With more volume and clarity on tap, Mode 2 has a more open sound that straddles the line between a boost and an overdrive. Running Mode 1 on Channel 1 into Mode 2 on Channel 2 gives a wide variety of possibilities depending on which you push harder.

3 - MODE 3 (Toggle Center)
A Clean Boost mode with plenty of volume on tap. Can distort if pushed to extremes.

The flat /bass toggle affects both channels and allows the user to keep the low end somewhat cleaner resulting in deeper lows. This is perfect for bassists but worthy of trying for any instrument as it slightly changes the feel of the overdrive. The Bass setting is most noticeable with Mode 1, less so with Mode 2, and has a negligible effect on the Boost setting.

Standard 'Boss-style' 9v DC Power with a Center Negative tip
9-18V Power OK.
Higher voltages (not exceeding 18V) will provide more headroom and less sag which may or may not be preferred.
No option for battery power.


[ Photo by Matt Swift ]