Please Note This Pedal Has a 1 - 2 Week Build Time

Royalty has never been my thing..... but I do love an open sounding overdrive that retains playing dynamics!

This Liberator of Tone is my take on an infamous Blues Breaker derived circuit.

The gain range has been extended to include “low” and “high” gain ranges - although make no mistake that this is not a high gain pedal. Many iterations of this circuit can feel thin or lacking in weight, but that is of no issue here as the BASS knob provides a wide range of control either boosting or cutting low end.

A pre-drive bass emphasis. As such, this adds gain as well as low-end into the signal.

H / 0 / S
The Liberator features three clipping modes.
0 - The middle position has no diode clipping and is thus the loudest and least distorted. Here the pedal acts more as a versatile boost than an overdrive.
S - To the right is Soft clipping which has been carefully matched to perform the same as some royally obscure diodes.
H - To the left is Hard clipping - This is an asymmetrical recipe unique to the Liberator. The Hard clipping has a similar amount of gain as the Soft clipping, but the feel is tighter and sharper.

A post-drive presence control. Turn it down for less harshness, or turn it up for more pick attack and chime.

Set the amount of overdrive, from clean to medium gain.

Set the overall tonal balance.

Output level to push your amp harder, or match your bypass signal, or anything inbetween.

Standard 'Boss-style' 9v DC Power with a Center Negative tip
9-18V Power OK.
Higher voltages (not exceeding 18V) will provide more headroom which may or may not be preferred.
No option for battery power.

Pedals are built to order and may take up to 1 to 2 weeks to ship depending on current order volume. Tracking information will be emailed when your order ships.

All international orders are not my responsibility once they are accepted by the US Postal Service. If there are issues I will attempt to resolve them, but I cannot be held accountable for issues with foreign services, customs, duties, or deliveries that are beyond my control. That said there have been very few issues, so I am happy to offer this option, please just be aware and responsible in tracking and collecting your shipments, etc. Any additional fees or duties charged by the destination country are also beyond my control. Thank you for understanding.