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The Big Muff is a classic circuit with many iterations over time, and I honestly love many of them. For Wound I started with the class Green Russian circuit and dove deep into the tone stack, emerging with the High and Mid Contour controls which both retain the ability to retain the classic sound, but extend far beyond as well. You can restore all of the midrange with the contours turned down, or roll your own brand of mid-scoop heaviness through Contour explorations. The Headroom control was derived from further exploration, targeting the clipping diodes and providing a unique approach to increase dynamics and output volume. On top of all this, Wound is voiced for extended low end and gain.

The classic control set that most fuzz fanatics are familiar with, where Sustain = Fuzz.

These controls interact with the tone stack and Tone control to shape the infamous EQ of the big muff circuit. At their center positions these controls are at their stock values. Turning down the contour knobs allows you dial out some of the trademark scooped sound for a more open sounding fuzz, while turning them up exaggerates and shifts the scoop to be more aggressive, allowing the user to fine tune it to their rig and desired sound. Experimenting with turning one Contour control up and the other Contour control down is highly suggested. Don’t forget that these controls interact with the Tone control, so don’t hesitate to include it in these experimentations.

The Headroom control allows you to open up the sound, for added clarity and punch. By fine-tuning the clipping within the circuit, the user is able to increase detail and make the fuzz feel less compressed and boxed in. Stock setting is all the way down. Turning the Headroom knob up will slightly decrease fuzz, increase volume, and let your signal breath more.

If you’ve never thought a muff style circuit sounded good in your rig, these added controls might be the answer you were looking for.

Standard 'Boss-style' 9v DC Power with a Center Negative tip
9V Only
No option for battery power.

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